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Berks County Industrial Development Authority

On Monday, April 14th, Team PSU, comprised of students from the Real Estate Case Competition Course (RM497A) and the Berks Campus, made a collective presentation to the board members of Berks County Industrial Development Authority, Reading, PA (BCIDA) regarding the feasibility of developing a 155 acre industrial park adjacent to the Reading Regional Airport.

The presentation started with a review of region’s demographics, infrastructure, construction, and real estate markets.  Then, it expanded to specific development and segmentation ideas including commercial agriculture, e-commerce, education, and emerging battery technologies.

Preparation for the presentation began in February with a site visit and market tour.  Thereafter, Team PSU further studied the dynamics of market by specifically researching industry user groups, industrial sectors, and related trends.  Much of what was discovered came from analyzing resources like the CCIM’s Site-To-Do-Business and CoStar.   The Team’s brainstorming carefully balanced Berks County’s existing economic base with suitable emerging technologies.  The effort lead to a viable short-list of cross-industry prospects based on strategic synergy and economic development potential.

The presentation resulted in some practical ideas for the BCIDA, both in terms of the subject property's development potential and its broader regional economy. For Team PSU, the BCIDA case study provided a unique real world, hands-on experience.  It reflected the challenges and opportunities offered by working in the real estate industry.  It was an exceptional learning experience.  It leveraged classroom knowledge into real solutions.  Team PSU is grateful to the BCIDA for sharing this opportunity.